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Arne Heise
The Socioeconomics of Economics
Essays on the Construction of the Economic Discipline and its Critique
Reihe: Studien zur Staatswissenschaft - Studies in Economic Governance
Bd. 9, 2019, 272 S., 39.90 EUR, 39.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-91127-8

The economic discipline has always been an object of investigation. But unlike in former times, when methodological and epistemological developments had been the object of historians of economic thought, recently the focus of inquiry shifted towards the constitution, organisation and performativity of the economic discipline. It is the intention of the book to contribute to a better understanding of the working and failures of the `market for economic ideas'.

Arne Heise is professor of economics at the Department of Socioeconomics of the University of Hamburg and Director of its Center for Economic and Sociological Studies (CESS).

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